Steel Access Doors
Steel hatches for tiles are hatches with a push opening system, designed for a long service life, which have proven themselves as a reliable and durable mechanism. Issued from the beginning of 2015 and enjoy well-deserved popularity.
Wall hatches are a steel welded structure, with a door made of moisture-resistant gypsum fiber. The pressure hatch can be used: for any type of tile, for mosaic or decorative stone. The design is reliable and proven by tests. The hinges have high reliability and wear resistance, which guarantees a long service life and reliability of work. This model is equipped with a magnetic push lock that allows you to open the sunroof by pressing.
2D adjustment allows you to adjust the hatch door vertically - small dimensions.
3D adjustment allows you to adjust the hatch door horizontally, vertically, tilt angle - large sizes.
Hatch design features:
  • Robust welded construction
  • Magnetic push lock

Choose the width of your opening

Installed in walls to close openings for any purpose

Hatches are suitable for hard-to-reach openings

And a variety of models with an opening door will allow you to choose the best option
Versatile and simple
Assembly does not require welding, the hatch can always be easily assembled and disassembled
The hatch takes up almost no space and is attached directly to the surface

And light weight will help to open and close the hatch without hindrance
Compact and lightweight
No one will even notice the presence of the hatch

You can choose the appearance of the hatch and even decorate it with a mosaic
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Ключевые слова
Floor Access Hatch
Floor Hatch
Floor Access Doors
Trap door
Inspection Hatch
Loft Hatch
Manhole Cover
Inspection Door
Access Hatch
Access door

Access Panel

Floor door into basement
Basement hatching door
Door on the floor
Root cellar
Hatch door
Floor hatch door
Roof hatch
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