Floor Access Hatch

Floor Access Hatch

A floor hatch gives you access to underfloor areas, cellars, water pipes, power lines and much more.

The floor hatch is installed before laying the floors. For the hatch, you can use any existing flooring - tiles, porcelain stoneware, parquet, laminate, linoleum and others.

The cover is reinforced with steel stiffeners, and a gypsum fiber sheet is attached to the door. The permissible load on the manhole cover is up to 1000 kg. The hatch cover is locked with a lock, there is a rubber seal along the perimeter of the door.

Gas struts make it easier to open the hatch regardless of the weight of the cover. The technology used to manufacture floor hatches reliably guarantees their durability and resistance to corrosion. This ensures the security of technical networks and the security of their operation.


1. Robust construction

2. Shock absorbers keep the manhole cover open

3. Gas shock absorbers make opening easier

4. Rubber seal protects against moisture and dust

5. High quality welded joints