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Floor Access Door 80 x 80 cm for outdoor use

Model: Outdoors80x80
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Description Floor Access Door 80 x 80 cm for outdoor use

Floor hatch with a unique hinge!

This series of floor hatches is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor installation. The rubber seal located along the perimeter of the manhole cover protects against moisture and dust.

The unique floor hatch hinge lifts the hatch cover up without touching the cladding around the hatch frame when opened.

The large extension of the hinge allows you to finish the hatch cover not only with tiles and porcelain stoneware, but also with a terrace board or any other floor facing material, up to 40 mm thick.

Suitable for already lined openings where the tiles are already glued.

The unique hinge and gas struts of this sunroof provide easy opening, making it extremely comfortable to use. The hatch is installed in the prepared opening and lined with ceramic tiles, which makes it inconspicuous and suitable for any interior design.

A galvanized hex bolt is used as a plug for the key hole.

Our floor hatch is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a quality and reliable hatch for a basement or similar space. The manhole cover is reinforced with stiffeners, galvanized sheet and made of aluminum, which guarantees its strength, corrosion resistance and durability.

Mounting size: 800 x 800 mm

Dimensions: 80 х 80 x 17 cm

Product Application: Outdoors and indoors.

Permissible flooring thickness - 40 mm

Frame material: Aluminum. Reinforced with stiffeners and galvanized sheet steel.

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Questions and Answers (FAQ) Floor Access Door 80 x 80 cm for outdoor use

16 March, 2024
Je n’ai pas reçu le mail de réponse
15 March, 2024
Merci de bien vouloir me faire parvenir les dimensions avec l’ouverture utile, l’encombrement total et la hauteur. Cordialement Mathieu
Administrator Response:
Nous vous avons envoyé un courriel.
11 March, 2024
Bonjour, pouvez-vous m'envoyer la fiche technique ? Je souhaite installer cette trappe pour un acces au local technique enterré d'une piscine, qulles sont les recommandations techniques de mise en œuvre ? Cordialement. Philippe Pettavino
Administrator Response:
Bonjour, nous vous avons envoyé un e-mail.
Simon Biasotto
10 March, 2024
Guten Tag Liefern Sie auch in die Schweiz? Freundliche Grüsse Simon Biasotto
Administrator Response:
Hallo, ja natürlich, DHL Express 5-7 Arbeitstage Lieferzeit.
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