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Floor Access Door 100 x 120(R) cm for outdoor use

Model: Outdoors100x120P

Description Floor Access Door 100 x 120(R) cm for outdoor use

Floor hatch with a unique hinge!

This series of floor hatches is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor installation. The rubber seal located along the perimeter of the manhole cover protects against moisture and dust.

The unique floor hatch hinge lifts the hatch cover up without touching the cladding around the hatch frame when opened.

The large extension of the hinge allows you to finish the hatch cover not only with tiles and porcelain stoneware, but also with a terrace board or any other floor facing material, up to 40 mm thick.

Suitable for already lined openings where the tiles are already glued.

The unique hinge and gas struts of this sunroof provide easy opening, making it extremely comfortable to use. The hatch is installed in the prepared opening and lined with ceramic tiles, which makes it inconspicuous and suitable for any interior design.

A galvanized hex bolt is used as a plug for the key hole.

Our floor hatch is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a quality and reliable hatch for a basement or similar space. The manhole cover is reinforced with stiffeners, galvanized sheet and made of aluminum, which guarantees its strength, corrosion resistance and durability.

Mounting size: 1000 x 1200(R) mm

"R" - hinges side

Dimensions: 100 х 120 x 17 cm

Product Application: Outdoors and indoors.

Permissible flooring thickness - 40 mm

Max. load up to 1000kg

Frame material: Aluminum. Reinforced with stiffeners and galvanized sheet steel.

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Questions and Answers (FAQ) Floor Access Door 100 x 120(R) cm for outdoor use

16 May, 2024
Hello, is the intention to remove the plasterboard and then attach a tile in its place or do we tile on the plasterboard? This doesn't seem waterproof to me, for example for cleaning? Also, how do you attach this hatch to concrete? Thanks for the info.
Administrator Response:
Hello, plasterboard and serves for laying tiles on it with glue, like any work in a damp room before laying tiles you need to do waterproofing. it is a normal procedure after all.
Neel Deferm
9 May, 2024
Hi, what material is the lid made of? Thank you
Administrator Response:
Hello, the hatch is made of aluminium and the top of the lid is regips.
18 April, 2024
Avez-vous une notice de montage pour une trappe Outdoors100x120P Quelle est la dimension du passage Merci d'avance
Jesús Guerrero Sánchez
8 April, 2024
Buenas e comprado una trampilla de exterior de 120x90cm Y necesitaría esquema de planos. Gracias
Administrator Response:
Hola, te lo he enviado por correo electrónico.
2 March, 2024
Bonjour, Pouvez-vous réaliser ces trappes extérieures sur mesure? Quel est le poids supporté par le couvercle? Je compte poser du gré cérame de 2cms d’épaisseur, sur une trappe d’environ 110cmsX130cms. Si oui la manœuvre reste aisée malgré le poids? Merci de votre réponse Cordialement
Administrator Response:
Bonjour, la fabrication des dimensions individuelles de cette trappe coûtera 2100 euros elle est déjà chez VAT, délais de fabrication jusqu'à 2 mois.
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