Hatch selection

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How to choose and buy an inspection hatch under the tiles: the main criteria

See the range that is represented in the market, each buyer can get an idea of the cost as well as the main parameters of the products. The easiest way to do this is by visiting a large hardware store, where he offers several options from the most popular manufacturers.

Considering quite quickly it becomes clear that the main selection criterion - it's the buyer's budget, because the variety of offers is very large. Buy plumbing hatch under the tiles can come in different prices, which are very wide, depending on exactly how they work and what type of material was used.


Rotating hinges allow you to open the drum door 360 degrees

Inexpensive hatches are usually made of thin sheet material, making it impossible to hide under the tiles. Their structure is very simple and the cost is low, however, these hatches are best installed in inconspicuous places. If the aesthetic aspect is not important, you can buy the cheapest manhole bathroom tile.

Until the middle of the market can be covered hatches for concealed installation, but with the exception of a simple opening system. In this case, the access door belongs to the usual magnets, but it is possible to mask the cover tiles. The opening system in this case has a handle mounted or a special parasite.

The highest value pinch is characterized by hatches, which are the most technologically advanced single audit windows. However, almost all users who have made a choice in favor of this decision, claiming that such costs are more than justified. According to them, the simplicity and ease of use of this type of product will exceed all expectations.

Important! No matter what type of hatch preferred by the owner, its presence greatly simplifies repairs, as well as regular inspections, in accordance with the rules of operation of local communications.


The hatch cover can be lined with ceramic tiles, mosaics or other materials

Pressure test of the door under the tiles: Product characteristics

Audit hatch under the tile with the transmission system - this is one of the ways to audit and windows that open the system is improved. This allows you to install them and quietly instead of spoiling the look of the premises. In addition, it solves the problem of mounting a hatch toilet under the tiles, as there is usually very little space and access to communications is always required.

To be able to withstand the load on the door, which will constantly provide him with finishing materials, such as ceramic tiles or mosaics, the system provides reliable hinges.

Installing a hidden hatch under the tile has its own characteristics, and the installation is done not as it would be in a normal review box. The thing is that in an attempt to make the hatch invisible, it will set a slightly deeper wall finish to seal the tiles and then top the adult stealth effect.


Dažādas iemiesojumi push atvēršanas lūkas santehnikas

Different avatars push the opening hatches of plumbing

Helpful Hint! To avoid the need to spend time measuring and cutting tiles, it is recommended at the beginning to pick up a suitable second size hatch, and finishing materials.

It is worth noting that usually a metal or plastic inspection hatch under the tile does not fit. For a reliable fixing material on its surface covered with a special plasterboard. It serves as a great base for fixing any material and at the same time is able to withstand significant loads.